I will be reporting back on a St. Hilda Pilgrimage in September, 2014



I am so very excited to be taking a St. Hilda pilgrimage with the  nuns of the Anglican Order of the Holy Paraclete that are connected with Sneaton Castle at Whitby and the St. Oswald Pastoral Centre in Sleights nearby in mid-September. These nuns carry on the remembrance of St. Hilda and the other great Northumbrian saints. I think I have been to most of the places we will journey to, but it will be very special to get to be in these sacred sites with the nuns who carry on the remembrance of St. Hilda of Whitby.

St. Oswald's Pastoral Centre, Sleights

St. Oswald’s Pastoral Centre, Sleights

The Oswald Pastoral Centre is listed in the 7 February 2011 issue of the Telegraph as one of the eight best retreat places in Britain and Europe. Best retreats article

It is also going to be a joy to hear Dr. Michelle Brown, who is an expert on Anglo-Saxon and early medieval illuminated manuscripts speak on St. Hilda at St. Hilda’s Church in Hartlepool on Saturday, September 13. She was the Head of the Medieval Manuscripts at the British Library, a Canon of St. Paul’s,  a revered author, and a most fascinating speaker.

Dr. Michelle Brown holding the Lindisfarne Gospels. She is an expert on these Gospels.

Dr. Michelle Brown holding the Lindisfarne Gospels. She is an expert on these Gospels.


So, as we chase St. Hilda on our pilgrimage, there will be much to report back about…probably in October, so be watching! 




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Pastor Pilgrim is an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)pastor. I am married with two grown sons, soon to be daughter-in-love, and two Maine Coon cats named for Celtic saints. My interests include illuminated manuscripts; pilgrimage; Franciscan and Celtic spirituality; Shakers; Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Merovingian abbesses and their double monasteries; comfy cute shoes; Native American spirituality; and genealogy. I love to travel and am available to lead Celtic Pilgrimages to Northeast England and Iona. "Celts to the Creche" at www.saintsbridge.org. is one of my blogs. I also write of some of my pilgrimages, musings, and another Advent devotional, "Pilgrimage to Bethlehem" at www.pastorpilgrim.wordpress.com
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